We Can Help Extend the Life and Beauty of Your Property

Classy Window Cleaning is a full service residential and commercial Services company. Our services are made up of cleaning and removing environmental contaminants such as eliminating mold, algae, mildew, from Roofing, Gutters, Soffits. Soft Washing Specialist.Our goal? Provide the best service to our customers. We do this by enhancing curb appeal, boosting quality, and securing the longevity of your property. Combining the best technology and cleaning agents on the market with our professional expertise, we’re proud to be a reliable resource for all your needs. Please view all of our amazing services. We have 30 years in business doing these types of services. We have more experience than most preserving Homes and building Exteriors. Specializing in all of your exterior and interior home cleaning needs, our professional technicians are ready to help you maximize the value of your property. We can help extend the life and beauty of your home or building.

Residential Window Cleaning

We recommend that homes have their windows cleaned twice per year. Classy Window Cleaning Services cleans all windows and wipes out all tracks to keep your home’s windows maintained.

A fall tradition - cleaning the gutters of leaves. Here we see them clogging the gutters of a traditional home. Could be used for advertising/clean up articles/etc. Narrow DOF

Gutter Cleaning

First we will clean all debris off the roofing and valleys, clean out all the gutters, and check and clear all the downspouts. Air pressure is used to final clean all Gutters & downspouts to its working condition. When completed, we perform a thorough cleanup of all surrounding areas where debris might have fallen. We are the only Gutter Cleaning Company in Ohio that provides the absolute SAFEST procedure for accessing all roofing levels and all Guttering systems.


Gutter Brightening and Soffit Cleaning

Trust in our Gutter Brightening and Soffit Cleaning service to clean out the years of grit and grime. We hand brush an environment-friendly cleaning detergent on first, then soft wash all surfaces to a perfect clean.


Leaf Guard Installation

Our professional installers have a proven process to guarantee your gutters remain clear and clog-free for the life of your home. Prior to installing Leaf Guards, our team will clean, realign, and repair your existing gutters and downspouts. Having this type of gutter protection will eliminate gutter cleaning forever.


Soft Wash House Cleaning

Soft Washing is a safe alternative to pressure washing that is used to clean exterior surfaces such as vinyl siding, gutters, soffits, stucco, and Dryvit. This gentle method offers amazing results. We take pride in the lasting effects of a clean roof and home exterior with a Soft Wash cleaning.


Soft Wash Roof Washing

We offer exclusive Soft Wash, low-pressure cleaning with a 100% eco-friendly solution. This safe and gentle cleaning method uses 40 PSI compared to 4,000 used by a power washer. The treatment eliminates mold, algae, and mildew while sterilizing surfaces of diseases and irritants. Surfaces stay clean 4-to-6x longer than with pressure washing. Your plants and property are thoroughly rinsed and safeguarded during the treatment.


Concrete Surface Sealing

We only use high-quality products that last, like our industrial-grade, water-based, proprietary concrete sealer. Driveways and patios are some of the most common applications for concrete sealer. One of the most popular types we offer is a wet-look sealer that leaves a glossy finish.


Under Ground Drain Cleaning

We use a special water-jet snake made just for gutter drains! Water shoots out of the snake in all directions to clean and clear your drain. We charge $60.00 per drain.


Power Washing Driveway/Patio/Walks/Steps/Curbs/etc.

Our trained technicians will use a specially formulated detergent to kill mold, algae, and spores while penetrating into the surface to ensure no regrowth occurs. By the time our technicians leave your property, your deck, patio, driveway, sidewalk, walkway, etc… will be SPOTLESS!


Maid Service

Classy Window Cleaning also offers a Maid service to exceed your expectations!

  • Bathrooms: Scrub and disinfect tubs, toilets and sinks, clean mirrors and vanity
  • Kitchen: Clean countertops, floors, inside and outside of microwave, stove and fridge
  • Living room: Dust furniture, vacuum carpets, clean baseboards and light fixtures
  • Bedrooms: Clean floors, organize space, make beds (optional)

Additional Residential Services


Screen Cleaning

A special solution is used to clean your screen doors and screen windows to ensure they are dirt and dust-free.


Chandelier Cleaning

We take apart your entire Chandelier and clean each individual piece by hand. No chemical sprays are used during this process.


High Dusting / Light Bulb Replacement

We can dust all the hard-to-reach areas and change the light bulbs in high-ceiling areas in your home.


Storm Window Cleaning

If you have storm windows, we can properly remove and clean between your windows. We clean all types from Pella, to triple tracks, blinds inside the window, and historic windows.


Ceiling Fan Cleaning

We clean or dust all types of ceiling fans reaching up to 40 feet or higher. We can also dust other high areas in your home.


Venetian Blinds Cleaning

We clean your blinds on the spot and rehang them the same day! Rest assured knowing your blinds will be handled with meticulous care by trained technicians and the most advanced cleaning technology.

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