Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Are you in search of a trusted and established commercial high-rise window cleaning service in Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Hamilton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and surrounding areas? Look no further than Classy Window Cleaning.

We specialize in partnering with building managers, property management companies, and new construction firms across Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Hamilton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and beyond. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’ve become the go-to central Ohio commercial window cleaning company.

Whether you need storefront, lobby, post-construction, or low-pressure Power washing services, we’ve got you covered. But that’s not all – we also offer a comprehensive range of residential services to enhance your home’s beauty and hygiene.

Services include

Residential Cleaning Services

Our expert residential cleaning services include professional window cleaning using non-abrasive microfiber to meticulously clean windows, sills, and tracks. Our careful hand scrubbing process followed by professional hand squeegeeing ensures the removal of dirt, streaks, and smudges without causing any damage.

But our residential services extend beyond window cleaning. We provide gutter and downspout cleaning with a thorough inspection to ensure optimal condition. Our Leaf Guard installation service guarantees clog-free gutters for the life of your home, while our underground drain cleaning using specialized water-jet technology ensures efficient drainage.

Additionally, we offer screen cleaning, chandelier cleaning, high dusting and bulb replacement, storm window cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning, and Venetian blinds cleaning services. Our expertise and advanced technology ensure every task is handled with care and precision.

As an added bonus, we apply Rain X during our window cleaning process for longer-lasting results, ensuring your windows stay pristine for longer periods

Services Power Washing

Low Pressure Cleaning

Discover Ohio’s premier power washing experts at Classy Window Cleaning Service. With three decades of industry experience, we’re your trusted local choice for 15 exceptional cleaning services across Dayton, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Columbus, and surrounding areas.

Specializing in power washing, we ensure your home’s exterior remains stunning year-round. Our comprehensive power wash services include gutter brightening, house washing, roof cleaning, concrete sealing, concrete washing, deck and fence maintenance, and more.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly solutions, our skilled team delivers thorough cleaning without risking property damage. Committed to precision and customer satisfaction, we serve Dayton, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Columbus, Ohio, and beyond.

Whether you need window cleaning, gutter maintenance, or any of our premium services, expect outstanding results every time.

Contact Classy Window Cleaning and Power Washing Services today for a complimentary estimate and competitive rates. Trust us to preserve your property’s pristine appearance throughout the year!



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We clean your roof, gutters, and clear all downspouts.

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